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MindAura is a custom software development company that offers dedicated business solutions from small, to mid and large scale enterprises. We have our headquarter located in the US and our development office is in Pune, India. we are a strong group of people who have built enterprise software and multiplatform applications that helped our clients better engage their customers and scale their business.

Our comprehensive knowledge of software and application development, combined with our offshore resources, enables us to deliver high-quality development packages designed to minimize your costs and maximize your profits. We always care our client's success and be ready to prove it.


Our services.

As a top software development company, we are one-stop shop for all your development needs. We offer custom software development services, mobile application development services or dedicated software development teams. If you are stuck with your project development, our experienced employees will help you with your software project rescue. We are specialized in Enterprise Software Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Multiplatform App Development and Cloud Development.


We provide full-stack software development services, from ideation, development, project management, software testing, and maintenance, to marketing. So you just have to run your business the best you can, while we take care of all the nasty issues of automating your business. Starting with the design phase and going through all stages of development, up to launching your product on the market, we will offer you the best solutions.

We serve clients from a variety of industries like Healthcare, Education, Marketing, Communications, E-commerce, Automotive Industry, Administration, Financial Sector, Charity & Community.

We offer unrivaled quality at affordable prices.

We help you save up to 60% of the costs for your software projects, without compromising quality. How do we accomplish this? In addition to our local US headquarter, we have strategically placed our development office with full time, in-house developers in one of the hottest destinations for software development: Pune, India. This enables us to significantly optimize costs, provide seamless project communication, and deliver excellent software development services.

Analysis & Requirements

UX Design & Prototyping

Software Development

Software Testing & QA

Support & Maintenance

Project management

We have experts with major popular programming languages and frameworks.

With a large number of developers on staff, our team is able to specialize and master programming skills in Microsoft .Net, Node JS, PHP, Java, Python, Perl, C++, iOS, Android, AngularJS, ReactJS.

We’ve got dedicated development teams that generate results unmatched by single freelancers or small teams.

The skills needed to complete a project are very diverse including: system architecture, front-end development, back-end development, mobile app development, quality assurance, project management, business analysis, graphic design, and more! Instead of looking for one person that knows it all, MindAura brings together highly skilled and specialized people to deliver quality products on time and in budget.

We have skills and expertise in the hottest programming technologies.

International Awards for Teachers and Institutions

by MindAura
(hosted by VMS Research Foundation)

The purpose of the awards is to celebrate the unique contribution of some of the finest teachers and institutions in the country and honour them who, through their commitment and industry, have not only improved the quality of education but also enriched the lives of their students.

ELIGIBILITY: School/College teachers and Heads of Schools / College working in recognized primary/middle/high/higher secondary/ Degree and Post Graduate schools / College in the Indian Union under the following categories:

  • Schools/ College run by State Govt./UTs Administration, schools run by local bodies, schools aided by State Govt./ Central Govt and Private Administration.
  • Central Govt. Schools i.e. Kendriya Vidyalayas (KVs), Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (JNVs), Central Schools for Tibetans (CTSA), Sainik Schools run by Ministry of Defence (MoD), Schools run by Atomic Energy Education Society (AEES) or College Central Universities, Private Universities, State Universities, Affiliated College (UG/PG), Private Colleges.
  • Schools affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

AWARD CRITERIA: Teachers will be awarded based on below criterias (it will have weightage 80 out of 100) -

  • Initiatives to improve learning outcomes
  • Innovative experiments undertaken
  • Organization of extra and co-curricular activities
  • Use of Teaching Learning Material
  • Social mobility
  • Ensuring experiential learning
  • Unique ways to ensure physical education to students


    Researchers (Age less than 35 yrs)
  • Blooming Bud Researchers (Science/Arts/Technology/Pharmacy/Biotechnology/Medical)
  • Young Scientist (Science/ARTS/Technology/Pharmacy/Biotechnology/Medical)
  • Researcher of the year (Science/Arts/Technology/Pharmacy/Biotechnology/Medical)

    Teachers (More than 15yrs teaching)
  • Distinguish Researchers (Science/Arts/Technology/Pharmacy/Biotechnology/Medical)
  • Eminent Scientist (Science/Arts/Technology/Pharmacy/Biotechnology/Medical)
  • Teacher of the year (Science/Arts/Technology/Pharmacy/Biotechnology/Medical)
  • Best Principal (Science/Arts/Technology/Pharmacy/Biotechnology/Medical)
  • Best(Science/Arts/Technology/Pharmacy/Biotechnology/Medical) College in ________________ State.
  • Best Placement Technology College in _______State

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